Which shade are you?

Which shade are you? essie hero

Are you a Demure Vixen or Cute As A Button? Take our Essie tailored quiz to find out which shade of polish you really are.

Whats your idea of a perfect getaway?  

which essie shade? Q1

A. A fun, festival-type atmosphere. Loud beats, smiling faces and summer sun are your thing. BENICASSIM

B. Somewhere hot, classy and exclusive – where your can wear your best summer  outfits and show off your tan. MARBELLA

C. Somewhere romantic and dreamy. Strolling hand in hand with a loved one, the sea breeze on your skin and the smell of flowers wafting in the air. SEYCHELLES

D. Tropical climes are your favourite – you love being poolside, preferably with palm trees and parrots nearby. CARIBBEAN


When I go out for a bite to eat, I like it to be: 

which essie shade? Q2

A. A quick bite in between going to a bar or a club – a funky street food market is ideal

B. An impressive restaurant with an excellent cocktail list and rooftop bar (gorgeous views are a bonus)

C. A special occasion. A three-course meal on a candlelit table is a real treat

D. To the latest restaurant opening. You like to keep on top of the trends


My source of style- inspiration comes from: 

which essie shade? Q3

A. Katy Perry – she’s fun, funky and not afraid to experiment with her style

B. Beyonce – strong, beautiful, independent and fun

C. Kate Middleton – super classy and oh-so stylish…the perfect woman

D. Lupita Nyong’o – talented, beautiful and she always looks amazing in bright colours


My must-have items in my suitcase are: 


A. My denim shorts, flip flops, Ipod and floppy hat

B. Hair straighteners, camera and designer sunnies are a must

C. A floaty white dress, perfect for evenings out after the sun has died down

D. A bright maxi dress – being on holiday is the perfect excuse to be colourful


My facebook feed is full of: 

which essie shade? Q5

A. Your friends, out and about – having fun (silly selfies are a must)

B. Holiday snaps, my friend’s latest make-up look or new outfit selfie and couply pics of my buddies and their new boyfriends.

C. Weddings, lots of cute baby pictures and my married buddies on their on honeymoon (plus the occasional cat picture)

D. Full of my friend’s #pedipostcard pictures – we’re a big bunch of ObsESSIE’s!

which essie shade? answers