3 Easy No Blow-Dry Hair Styles

Who has time for labouring with a hairdryer when the beach is calling your name? There’s more to life than hair, but there’s a simple way to look good effortlessly with these three no-blow dry hair styles.

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Loose Ponytail

The perfect beach to bar up-do, this is a super easy look that just whispers sophistication. Spritz some texturising spray on your roots, then split you hair into two two sections and twist them back whilst you sweep your hair up into either a high or low ponytail.  For an extra touch of class, wrap a sliver of hair around the elastic band, securing it in place with a bobby pin or add a chic head scarf al a beach babe @elisecook.

messy bun with braid hair

Messy Braid Bun

Great for most hair types, this messy bun is a natural and pretty look to frame your face. Loosely braid two sections of hair on either side of your parting and secure at the back of your head. Then scoop your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Twist the hair around and down, and secure the bun in place with an elastic band. Bobby pins and a squeeze of hairspray are your go-to tools for extra hold. The look is called messy for a reason, so lightly run fingers over your hair to loosen some strands around your face.

beach tomato beach hair

Heatless Beach Waves

It’s the classic beach look – loose, effortless waves. And it really doesn’t take that much effort to achieve. Start with towel dried locks (keep tousling until only slightly damp), take sections of hair and twist, twist twist. Pin each section in a bun; the smaller and tighter these little buns, the smaller and tighter your waves will be. Once you’ve done your whole head, let your hair dry as you continue getting ready. Unpin and let your textured locks loose. You’ll have created a natural-looking wavy ruffle ready to hit the beach.

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