Aruba’s Secret Weapon to Beautiful Skin

Aruba first caught our eye for its ‘pinch me I’m dreaming’ beaches. But there’s another ingredient that makes this isle one of our favourite Caribbean gems – it’s home to one of nature’s most important skin saviours: aloe vera. Spiking the eastern side of the island, these superhero plants have a well-deserved place in skincare. It’s a renowned herbal remedy prized for its beauty benefits throughout the ages (we hear even Cleopatra herself was a fan) and has a plethora of handy uses, here are our top three reasons to pack some of Aruba’s secret weapon for your next beach break.

It gives you luscious locks

As a gel, aloe vera is a fabulous deep conditioning treatment for dry hair and scalps that have seen too much sun. Its natural properties help sooth scalps, and can even promote hair growth. To get luscious locks overnight, apply aloe vera juice to your hair (for extra conditioning mix with olive or avocado oil), cover with a shower cap, and wake up to shiny, smooth hair.

It’s a safe and natural eye makeup remover

Move over coconut oil, there’s a new natural makeup remover on the scene. Perfect for the delicate eye area, aloe vera jelly – fresh from the leaf of the plant – can be used to gently remove face and eye make up. Its moisturizing features are an added benefit to help keep skin feeling supple and soft.

It boosts your immune system

Aloe Vera juice is hailed in health circles as a ‘heal-all’ for its soothing properties that can work internally and externally. As a juice, it’s full of immune-boosting polysaccharides, and its soothing properties can also help reduce inflammation – the perfect pick-me-up to help ensure you feel your best and hydrated at the beach.

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