10 Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

beach tomato eco friendly beauty products

Look good, feel good, do good. With luxury beauty brands waking up to the importance of ‘green’ causes, it’s never been easier for your morning routine to help save the world. Here are some of the top eco-friendly brands that can help you do good, all before your first cup of morning joe.

beach tomato rahua natural hair shampoo amazon beauty

1. Rahua

Longing for thick, lustrous locks? Try these 100% natural products based on an ages-old ritual from the Amazon rainforest. Rahua (ra-wa) is named after a highly potent, restorative oil prepared by Amazonian women for healthy, glossy hair. As well as giving you incredible hair, Rahua is also committed to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous people.

Top Product: Rahua Shampoo £28

beach tomato aveda be curly lotion

2. Aveda

A well-known name in the beauty world going since 1978, Aveda is a powerhouse for plant-based beauty products that respect the earth. As well as using organic, natural ingredients, the beauty brand ensures responsible packaging, embraces renewable energy and partners with non-profit organisations to boost social and environmental improvement.

Top Product: Be Curly Curl Enhancer £21.50

studio tomato rose moisturiser

3. Odylique

Handmade in rural Suffolk in the UK, this is a family-run company dedicated to natural skin care, with a particular focus on soothing sensitive skin. Products use cold-pressed virgin plant oils and active herbs extracted without heat, with the aim of conserving precious antioxidants. Their green credentials also extend to supporting recycling, local charities and Fairtrade. Beach Tomato fans might like to know that their Natural Sun Screen is Fairtrade approved.

Top Product: Timeless Rose Moisturiser £23

black tomato sw basics toner

4. S.W. Basics

“Fewer ingredients means gentler skincare” is the premise behind this Brooklyn-based sustainable beauty brand. With features in Vogue, Cool Hunting and Goop, these guys are helping position eco-beauty as a luxury item for those in-the-know. There’s even a whole philosophy to read about, as founder Adina Grigore has penned a hit book detailing her program “for clear, calm, happy skin.”

Top Product: S.W. Basics Toner $12

beach tomato stem cellular cc cream

5. Juice Beauty

Underpinned by their eco-friendly mission, Juice Beauty is an award-winning luxury beauty brand. Gwyneth Paltrow has just spearheaded their new collection makeup, so if it’s good enough for Gwyneth, it’s good enough for us.

Top Product: Stem Cellular CC Cream $39

beach tomato drunk elephant umbra sheer physical defense spf 30

6. Drunk Elephant

A fun name with some serious eco-clout, Drunk Elephant abide by their three C’s: clean, compatible and clinically-effective. Their signature ingredient is Virgin Marula oil, which features high levels of fatty acids and those all-important antioxidants.

Top Product: Umbra™ Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 $34

Beach Tomato Osmia Black Clay

7. Osmia

Founded by a physician with a serious passion for plants, Osmia is a luxury skincare brand which is re-igniting our senses and championing the beauty of life’s small moments. The ethos is focused on simple luxury and wellness, with a softer impact on the planet.

Top Product: Black Clay Facial Soap $24

8. 100% Pure

Founded in a Napa, California 100% Pure is on a mission to develop the most organic and all-natural cosmetics and beauty products. Infused with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils – this is a vegan brand that your face will love you for.

Top Product: Ultra Lengthening Mascara £20

9. LVX

Calling all mani/pedi addicts: embrace ‘green’ fingers with LVX luxury nail polish. Commonly filled with chemicals, opt instead for these little pots of lacquer with their premium, 7 toxin-free formula. Not only is LVX cutting back the chemicals, but they keep their finger to the pulse with their seasonal colour collections based on high fashion’s emerging trends.

Top Product: Vanille Lacquer $18

beach tomato MAHALO Rare Indigo grande

10. Mahalo

If a trip to Hawaii isn’t on the horizon, transport yourself there with the Mahalo Skin Care line instead. Made by hand on Kauai using indigenous ingredients, this luxury brand is more than just skincare. Mahalo (‘thank you’ in Hawaiian) encourages daily rituals of self-care infused with mindfulness and gratitude, to help craft a balanced, fulfilled lifestyle. Given our hectic modern lives, we can happily say ‘Aloha’ to that.

Top Product: The RARE INDIGO £81

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