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i love my man dear rose

Romantic Beach Break

‘I Love My Man’, Dear Rose

Ahhh a romantic beach break: watching the setting sun sink below a glimmering ocean, sipping chilled champagne from a seaview balcony, jumping into those red rose petals strewn over the bed… It’s the flower of love after all, so heighten the romance with a deliciously feminine rose-scented perfume. Expressively made for lovers, ‘I Love My Man’ by Dear Rose takes captivating sandalwood and blends with evocative French roses to create a warm spicy floral number guaranteed to heat things up, post-sunset…

joe malone perfume

Spa Beach Escape

Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Jo Malone

If you’re seeking peace and relaxation with a beachside spa escape, you need a scent that will calm, soothe and refresh. Jo Malone is a classic go-to for unusual, almost delectable fragrances, and we just love the Lime, Basil and Mandarin for a light, clean scent. The citrus notes of lime and mandarin are perked up with the ever-so-slightly minty basil and aromatic white thyme.

jimmy choo perfume

Beachin’ with the Girls

L’Eau, Jimmy Choo

A fun beach getaway with the girls is the perfect opportunity to try out a new fragrance. Jimmy Choo’s fragrance for 2017 –  L’Eau – is made for those who love summer. With top notes of tropical hibiscus and spicy-sweet bergamot, balanced by base note of cedarwood and musk, this is a feminine scent with warm depth. Perfect for those warm, lazy evenings spent eating, drinking and catching up.

CK one summer perfume new

Beach Party

One Summer, Calvin Klein

Order another Margarita – it’s party time. If you can’t get enough of those infectious party vibes of tropical climes, make sure your perfume tones in. One Summer by Calvin Klein has notes of lime, coconut and even tequila. Intended to embody the bliss of sun-kissed days frolicking on sandy beaches, this perfume can take you from day to night and back again.

Bring the Beach Home

Sel Marin, Heeley

Smell is our most evocative sense, so what better way to bring home the beach than with an ocean-inspiring scent. With marine salt and algae as heart notes, Sel Marin by Heeley is like a refreshing sea breeze. Invigorating lemon gives way to driftwood-evoking cedar and birch. Whenever you need an escape from daily life, you’ll have a spritz of beach life ready to transport you back.

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