Thai Square Spa: Post Flight Serenity Massage

Beach Tomato Thai Square Spa

We all dread the post-holiday blues, the jetlag and the unread emails, not to mention the never ending pile of laundry that brings us firmly back to reality after a dreamy beach getaway. I’m afraid we can’t solve the laundry problem, or reply to your emails for that matter, but we have got one way to make easing yourself back into real life just that bit easier.

Thai Square Spa, conveniently located in Trafalgar Square, offers an hour of tranquillity in the form of the post flight serenity massage where expert therapists use secret massage techniques to release the muscle and joint tension resulting from long-haul travel, reducing swelling in the feet and legs and encouraging healthy blood circulation. Not only do you feel unbelievably relaxed and rejuvenated following this massage but it’s actually good for you too, better book in for the health benefits, right?

Despite being in the heart of a bustling city, once through the large glass doors, you feel miles from anywhere. Soothing spa tunes and candle light create an atmosphere of complete Zen. Once robed, and slippers on, you are escorted to relaxation rooms where fresh tea is served on tap and a vast selection of magazines provide celeb gossip in abundance. In our opinion, no massage is long enough, we could lie there for days, but it is safe to say this one hour of pampering really does make you feel like a new person – relaxed and no longer in that stiff from travel, zombie-like, jetlagged state.

We can’t recommend this treatment highly enough, it is perfect post-touchdown and you’ll leave ready to crack on with the real world you’d left behind, but also probably thinking about how soon you can squeeze in another getaway.

Book your post-holiday massage at Thai Square Spa here.


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