Aruba – Keeping the Marine Clean

Post beach party season, Aruba gives its tropical landscape a little TLC. What with the multiple festivals, sporting events and celebrations that take place over the summer months, we aren’t surprised that the island starts to feel a little exhausted. So this September, Aruba will be hosting its 22nd eco-tourism opportunity for over 800 visitors and locals to get involved in.

Aruba's reef care project

Over the years this event has become the islands largest and most popular community project and we think getting involved in the Reef Care Project is a great way to feel close to the heart of the island and give something back.

You’ll spend the day as part of a big team, placed on a section of the island where you’ll work together to clean-up, restore and refresh the natural landscape, on and off-shore. In addition to this, you’ll be educated on marine conservation and learn how each and every one of us can help to preserve this Caribbean gem.

Here at Beach HQ, we think it’s great that Aruba has an initiative like this to bring the community and visitors together to appreciate the island. A clean marine environment is a happy one, right? Go on, do your bit for the beach.