Top 5 Beach Bars in the British Virgin Islands

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A beach, a cocktail, and a stunning vista overlooking the ocean, when you’ve found the perfect beach avec bar, you’ll never want to leave. That is just fact. Luckily the BVI has a myriad of alluring watering holes peppered along its sugar-dusted shoreline. From rustic shacks bursting with charm to floating bars out in the open azure, there’s plenty to choose from for that ‘grab the sarong, I need a drink’ moment. Here’s our pick of the top beach bars in the BVI.

Bomba’s surfside shack
This beach bar is world renowned for its raucous entertainment and legendary landlord Bomba. Donned the king of the original full moon party, Bomba certainly knows a thing or two on how to get a party started. Set on a stretch of beautiful white sand located in Capoons Bay on the north shore of Tortola, this ramshackle bar was built in 1976 by Bomba’s own fair hands. The results; an eclectic, ever-changing spot perfect for swigging Bomba’s punch concoction while getting down to those Caribbean vibes.

Foxy’s Bar
At Foxy’s, on the island of Jost Van Dyke, every day is a party. Let the man himself (Foxy that is) entertain you with his calypso rhythms and tales of the BVI, as locals let you in on the islands best beaches and secret spots. Known as the barefoot island, Jost Van Dyke is home to endless stretches of beautiful white sands and crystal waters, such as great harbour beach where you can find Foxy’s friendly drinking-hole. While away the evenings sipping on sweet concoctions made with Foxy’s homemade rum or a freshly brewed beer from the bars own micro-brewery. It doesn’t get more Caribbean then this.

Soggy Dollar Bar
A legendary haunt for sailors and seafarers, to get this Jost Van Dyke institution located in the secluded White Bay, you need to jump ship and wade your way through the warm waters before traversing a cliff path that winds its way to the bar, (now you know why your dollars might get soggy). The delicious cocktails however are worth it. Make sure you try The Painkiller: a mouth-watering concoction of dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice topped off with grated Grenadian Nutmeg. We’ll raise our glasses to that

William Thornton
Floating in the Bight of Norman Island is where you’ll find the Willy T. Surrounded by the endless azure waters with awe-inspiring views of Norman Island; the bar is modelled on the trading ship from the early 20th century. So park up your yacht and hop aboard for conch fritters and spicy chicken wings as the glowing sun sets beyond the horizon.

The Sand Box
This aptly named bar is perched on the beautiful Vixen Point beach on the northern side of Virgin Gorda island. A bar that encapsulates the barefoot beach vibe, all you would want to do here is flop on the gorgeous white sands surrounded by the calm crystal clear waters. Work up an appetite snorkelling in the secluded bay then dine on locally sourced seafood and honey dip chicken washed down with delectable rum cocktails, sounds like paradise? Well, it just might be.

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