This London gym will actually make you want to workout


BLOK Shoreditch

We live in a golden age of gym-hood. Gone are the days when gyms were just treadmills at your local leisure centre. London is just one of the cities where we’ve witnessed the rise of the designer fitness studio – gyms created to look good and make you feel good. Which is great news when you’re working on your keeping yourself fit and beach-ready.

So we were over the moon when we heard BLOK was opening around the corner from Beach HQ. Anyone who’s been to the first BLOK studio in Clapton (which doubles as an art gallery and workspace, naturally) knows that it’s worth its weight in terms of chic creds. It’s fitness-meets-art ethos and industrial-chic interiors meant you felt a little bit like a superstar. And now us city folk can rejoice and channel our inner Gigi as we box, stretch and sweat our way towards a perfectly sculpted beach bod. Hurrah!

This brand new studio, like its Clapton predecessor, makes you feel beautiful inside and out. It’s officially one of the best and chicest studios we’ve seen yet in the city. Think sleek concrete walls, hi-tech lockers, showers stocked with great products and a café dolling out power boosting smoothies and raw plant-based food in every shade and hue. There’s not a treadmill in sight – this is a classes-only temple of fitness.

Let’s talk the classes. There’s everything from barre to boxing, Animal Flow yoga and gruelling HIT, or a fusion of both. If you take your toning seriously then you’re truly spoilt for your choice of work out. This is one studio that actually makes you look forward to your work out. Go, now.

BLOK Shoreditch Gym Cafe

BLOK Shoreditch Gym London

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