We knew we always wanted to get married with the sand as our aisle and waves as our soundtrack but we’re not sure we’re prepared for this level of craziness. At least you can guarantee the day would be unforgettable. These may not float everyone’s boat but welcome to our edit of the top five most unusual beach weddings.


Strictly speaking, it’s on the beach, the ocean counts – sand and sea are married, right? Celebrate your love and say ‘I do’ under water on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Who needs people guests when the coral and tropical fish can be your witnesses (we’re sure they’ll look much more impressive in your wedding photos, and be much cheaper to feed). You can even sign your certificate on water proof ‘paper’. At least tissues will be one less thing to worry about- Is it even possible to cry underwater?



A bride’s traditional concern may be tripping over her dress- as the old tune goes, ‘here comes the bride, all dressed in white’, but it won’t be the reckless fruit you’ll be worrying about at this wedding destination. Start your endless summer of love in style, on a surfboard, amongst Maui’s frothy white waters. The rolling Hawaiian waves may cause you a little bit of trouble but you’ll be accompanied by a minister (who moonlights in his spare time as a surfing legend) to officiate and keep you safe. Double whammy. Get ready to embark on the most thrilling journey of your life, (as if weddings weren’t nerve wrecking enough). Standing is optional. Thank goodness.



When someone claims there’s an elephant in the room they are usually referring to one of the bridal parties’ drunken mishaps, but with this choice there will quite literally be an elephant in the room (or the jungle). We can guarantee you’ll start married life on a high when you exchange your vows on top of a Sumatran elephant in the Bali Elephant Safari Park, we just can’t guarantee you’ll stay there. Choose between wearing your traditional white gown (not sure we fancy the odds of that staying clean) or elaborate Balinese wedding regalia consisting of an ornate golden headdress. Well, your wedding day is the day to act and dress like a princess right?



Worried about the price of expensive dresses and suits? The only suits worn at this wedding day are birthday suits, yep the ones God gave us. You’d be saying ‘I do’ (or I’d do you) butt naked on the Spanish sands (we’d hedge a bet that is not a rare occurrence). Talk about baring your affection for all to see. Eyes are meant to be on the bride but we have a feeling ours would be sneaking a peek at the groom’s ‘corsage’. Not too sure we’d be proudly displaying those wedding photos around the house though. You may want to hand out suncream as wedding favours or things could begin to get a little uncomfortable.



We welcome complimentary food and drink in the price of our wedding package but bridesmaids? If choosing between your friends has you ripping your fresh extensions out why not marry in Bali and make use of the four Balinese bridesmaids they provide. They won’t be able to share embarrassing stories with your guests but the chances are they’ll look more tanned than you on the day. You weigh up the pros and cons.

By Frankie Williams