Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

Where: Rosalie Bay nestles on the coast of the same ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ Jean Rhys wrote about in her famous prequel to Jane Eyre, set partly on the island of Dominica. Boasting thick forests, volcanic mountains and deep blue waves crashing against sparkling black shores, this eco boutique resort is built on the site of an old coconut plantation where the Rosalie River meets the ocean.

What: Set amongst 22 verdant acres and run by a local couple dedicated to creating a wellness resort that captures the authentic spirit of Dominica, Rosalie Bay Reosrt is a labour of love. Offering group and private yoga sessions, forest hikes, sperm whale and dolphin watching (we recommend going in February – there’s a 90% chance you’ll catch a glimpse and, quite frankly, we like odds like that) or leisurely strolls to the nearby Emerald pool to swim beneath a picture-perfect waterfall, a stay here is all about slowing down, recharging and giving back to nature whilst it gives back to you. With all the furniture built locally, this delectable eco resort adheres to its plantation history in style – although with four-poster beds, claw-food tubs and i-pod docking stations, there will be no need to sacrifice comfort in this beachfront abode.

Why: The secret of Dominica’s unspoilt beauty may lie in what some (not us) may consider to be it’s downfall – the local airport is so tiny there are no direct flights. But please, don’t be put off, this extra effort is oh-so worth it; as soon as your sandals hit the ground and your eyes clap on the islands shore it’s blazingly evident Dominica’s a fine example of the unspoilt Caribbean. Amongst the rustic perfection, Rosalie Bay boasts a new spa where one of massage tables is built into branches of a tree. Yes really. For that extra sway, Sir Richard Branson took his family on holiday here – and to leave your own private island for another, you know it must be quite something.


By Katie Antoniou