Eau Hotel & Spa, West Palm Beach

Eau Hotel, Palm Beaches, USA


The Eau Hotel and Spa is situated within seven acres of its very own private coastline, close to the hustle and bustle of West Palm Beach. It’s also in the perfect position for an afternoon stroll or snorkelling adventure, making it the ultimate luxury beach vacation.


This hotel is one of the chicest resorts around where you’ll often find guests relaxing by the bar whilst sampling a classic Old Fashioned.  For extra extravagance, choose to stay on the Cabana Terrace with its very own private gardens, or settle into a vibrantly decorated guest room. One thing you can always be certain of during your stay is that the plethora of white sands and azure waters are just a few short steps away.


It’s a trendy paradise and a perfect place to unwind. Oh, and it’s also home to the magical Eau Spa, complete with a unique fairy tale flair and exceptional range of treatments that’ll make you want to stay here forever.