The luxury of spontaneity

Hotel Tonight | Beach Tomato

We always like to have a bit of beach action on the horizon – a plan in the diary when we know we are guaranteed our fix of sun, sea and sand – but at Beach HQ we’re also big believers in a life less planned. There’s nothing quite as invigorating as some free-spirited spontaneity, an unplanned adventure that breaks the boundaries of our otherwise fairly habitual working lives. What can beat the thrill of booking a flight that leaves the next day… and knowing that in less than 24 hours you’ll have swapped a computer screen for some more exotic scenery. But what happens when you step off the plane?

Hello HotelTonight. We’ve become privy to a new app on the circuit which is designed to fuel spontaneity (or help those who are generally disorganised). An upgrade on the last minute mobile booking experience in every way, this nifty little app offers discounted late bookings to some of the most dreamy beach retreats you can think of. Las Ranitas Eco Boutique in Mexico anyone?

Forget endless scrolling though web pages and dead-end calls to find your next stay; just enter your destination and scroll the curated list of luxury hotel offers until you find one you like. You can literally book a place to rest your head in just three taps and a swipe. Now that sounds like the kind of stress-free, beach-bound spontaneity that we love. Find out more here.

Hotel Tonight | BeachTomato