A world of Wanderlust

Wanderlust festival | Beach Tomato

Let’s face it, we’ve all been working hard recently. Whether it’s the long days in the office or the quest for that Beach body, the run up to summer always means knuckling down. This year, Beach HQ has decided we deserve a mid -year reboot to refresh our minds bodies and souls; there is nothing quite like some ‘me time’ before the hectic (but fabulous) summer events unfold. That’s why we’ve scheduled in some time for a Wanderlust festival.

Taking place across the globe in the likes of Miami, Melbourne and Aspen, from early May the Wanderlust Festival season kicks off; a new era of festival that celebrates health and happiness. Why not give it a go when Wanderlust sets up camp in San Fran, with running, yoga and meditation all rolled into one day, the ‘mindful and kind’ 108 triathlon will be a lovely way to find peace in the Californian sunshine. Try out Acroyoga, balancing on the slacklines and the art of relaxation, all to the beat of live music, and afterwards reward yourself with some of the fresh, healthy food on offer.

It may sound like we’re just off on a jolly, but we’re pretty sure Wanderlust is going to set us up for summer. And in October, when the Beach blues start to kick in, what could be dreamier than a getaway to Wanderlust on Australia’s Sunshine Coast? If it’s good for nurturing the body and mind (and it’s on or a near a beach), then it’s good enough for us. Find out more here.