Beach of the Week: Gordon Beach, Israel

Each week we bring you one of the best beaches in the world as our beach of the week. This week’s best beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel.

Beach: Gordon Beach

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Why: The beach is the place to see and be seen in Tel Aviv, and you’re spoilt for choice depending on what (or who) you fancy. Although both Atzmaut (the gay friendly beach) and Hof Haklavim (the dog beach) have good qualities, you can’t beat Gordon beach for the plethora of activities available, ranging from strenuous to relaxing (we know what end of the scale we’ll be residing at). Although it’s renowned for being magnet for the surfer-types, Gordon Beach also has a rather nifty saltwater pool – as well as regular Volleyball games and Matkot (that’s beach tennis, folks) – making it a beach that has more than enough to keep us entertained.   The beach is also lined with bars and often has DJs spinning the decks, which gives it a laid-back party vibe. But don’t get too laid back, the beach goers here are glamorous… think big shades and small bikinis. Saucy.

How: Easy peasy, you can start your journey in almost any airport in the UK, although the London airports are more likely to offer direct flights into Ben Gurion airport. If you’re coming from Jerusalem then get the train or drive (it’s only an hour away).

H20: Sea Breeze cocktail.

Sand Tone: Hot-buttered mashed potato.

Stay: At the Gordon Hotel, which is one of the Bauhaus landmarks (massive arty points) and has beautiful views of the ocean. Each of the 12 rooms have their own terraces but the roof top suite is the star of the show with its sun loungers and hot tub (perfect to relax after a hard days… sunbathing).

When: If you want to catch the best waves (dude) then go in the winter months. The main holiday season runs from September to October in Israel, with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year, Yom Kipur (the day of atonement) and Sukkot (a seven day holiday) all celebrated in these months.

By Nancy Edmondson

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