Beach of the Week: Damai Beach, Sarawak, Malaysia

Each week we bring you one of the best beaches in the world as our Beach of the Week and this week’s best beach is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches.

BEACH: Damai Beach, Sarawak, Malaysia

WHERE: Situated in the largest Malaysian state of Sarawak and 40 minutes away from Kuching (its capital), the beach faces the South China Sea and is nestled at the foot of the dramatically towering Mount Santubong.

H2O: Viridian

SAND TONE: Cheesecake base

HOW: Due to the attractive and in-demand activities available, Damai beach is easy to access by regular tour buses. Shuttle bus services are also offered by most of the beach’s surrounding hotels; these run to and from the central of Kuching.

WHY: Well apart from the surrounding lush tropical rainforest, spotless stretches of sand, clear and cool turquoise water…wait what were we saying? Oh yes, the real selling point is the vast variety of nearby attractions available if lounging about on a beach isn’t for you (really?). With the Sarawak Cultural Village Museum close by – which attracts tourists without being touristy – and a plethora of jungle trails for the intrepid explorers, there really is something for everyone.

STAY: Our choice pick is the stunning Damai Puri Resort & Spa which offers luxury accommodation with views facing either the sea or alternatively the verdant mountainside of Mt. Santubong. Damai Puri Resort & Spa is also proud owner of its own spa village. Yes, you heard us right. Still not sold? Wait until you see the infinity pool.

WHEN: The area is subject to heavy rainfall (monsoon season) between November-February. For a sun-filled stay, book for between March-October.

By Maybelle Morgan

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