Beach of the Week: Cirali Turkey

Each week we bring you one of the best beaches in the world as our beach of the week. This week’s best beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

BEACH: Cirali beach, Antalya, Turkey

WHERE: Tucked away on the Mediterranean coast in the south west of Turkey, this beach backs on to the small and rural village of Cirali. Set amongst pine trees, green fields and citrus orchards, it’s a feast not just for the eyes, but all the senses.

WHY: A beautiful and secluded stretch of golden sand hugged by the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and towering Lord of the Rings-esque Mountains, there’s little nature forgot to give a little tlc to. Stretch out on the sand and lose yourself in a good book (or the beauty of the surrounds) until the water calls for a dash of refreshment. But if just relaxing on the shores isn’t enough for you, venture out on a mystical adventure to the burning rocks of Mount Chimaera where flames burst out from between the stones. Just don’t forget to rise early one morning and sneak down to the waterfront to catch the loggerhead turtles burrowing out of the sand and legging it down to the warm waters. You might end up joining them.

HOW: The village of Cirali is an hour and a half drive from Antalya airport with transport offered back and forth from most hotels in the area. But just in case, Turkish for ‘to the beach please’ is ‘plaj memnun etmek’. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

H20 TONE: Cerulean blue.

SAND TONE: Freshly toasted baguette crumbs.

STAY: At Arcadia Hotel, in a luxurious wooden Chalet a mere 300m away from the beach itself. With protecting the surrounding environment high on their agenda, there will be no distractions to wake you from your daily snooze in the hammock, not even a TV. Spend your days exploring the small islands and coves and return to your beach front abode for a dinner to be served alfresco by candlelight, so as not to distract the nesting turtles. Obviously.

By Emily Noszkay
Editorial Assistant at Beach lifestyle and culture magazine, Beach Tomato. Sister company of the award winning travel brands Black Tomato, The Black Tomato Agency and Epic Tomato.

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