Tried & Tested: Radiance Cleanse

As a first time juicer I was unsure what to expect from a ‘Juice Cleanse’. A phone call from one of the Radiance Cleanse team saw us setting up a cleanse package that best suited me, we opted for the signature 3 day cleanse where I’d consume a mix of 4 fruit and veg juices and 2 nut milks a day. Admittedly this is the easiest cleanse offered but, as a first time juicer, I didn’t want to run before I could walk. As arranged, my juices arrived on Sunday night, albeit in a slightly overwhelmingly large box. I was weirdly excited to start the next morning.

Day 1:

Having cleared enough space in the office fridge to house my day’s juice supplies I cracked on with juice 1 – a ginger lemonade. I did crave my morning coffee but once I put that thought to the back on my mind I was able to enjoy the fiery morning juice. Juice 2, ‘Vital Greens’, came around very quickly; not letting the colour put me off I finished this juice quite easily. As tempting lunch time smells wafted around the office I reached for my Cashew milk, not being a huge fan of milk, dairy or nut, I was apprehensive about this one. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste but I struggled with the quantity. Safe to say I hadn’t had a single hunger pang yet, if anything I was full.

The juices seemed to come in very quick succession and by the time I finished juice 4 it was already time for 5. Having filled up on ‘Vibrant Veg’ I didn’t actually manage to finish ‘Root Boost’, being my least favourite flavour and not being at all hungry made this one tricky for me. By this stage I had a pretty bad headache and lacked energy, luckily it was time to go home where I relaxed into a hot bath with salts provided by Radiance Cleanse. I finished the day with the final drink, a creamy cacao cashew milk; with the taste and consistency of chocolate milk I forgot it was even healthy and with that I took my pounding headache to bed. In all honesty I didn’t sleep as well as usual but hoping that was going to change as I embarked on day 2 and 3 of the cleanse.

Day 2:

I didn’t wake up before my alarm like I’ve read many people do but, when I did wake up, I felt strangely energised for 7 am on a Tuesday morning. My day of juice went smoothly, I stuck to the timetable meaning there was never too long a spell without a juice in my hand and stomach rumbling was kept to a minimum. Again, juice 5 wasn’t an easy drink but knowing I was going to a gym class and would need the calories, I persevered.

Radiance Cleanse checked in via email at lunch time which was a personal touch, it was reassuring to know they were there for me should I have had a wobble. They recommended some light exercise that evening, in hindsight I maybe pushed it with a spin class but I felt I had energy to burn and the class was complete before I’d had the chance to think that my last meal was 2 days ago! I refuelled with the final cashew milk and retired to bed. I slept like a baby.

Day 3:

This was the hardest day, not because I was overly hungry but because I craved solids as opposed to liquids. However, mentally knowing it was the last day made it all bearable and there was definitely a sense of accomplishment as the end of the day drew nearer. Day 3 was when I really saw changes in my body, yes on day 2 I woke up with a flatter stomach and genuinely feeling healthier, but by 3 this was even more evident, my skin was both clearer and brighter and the whites of my eyes were whiter than they’d ever been before. Giving up the solids and coffee suddenly seemed so worth it.


I’ll be honest in saying I previously had my doubts about juice cleanses but my views have completely changed, from now on I’ll be forever singing their praises. Radiance Cleanse are clearly experts in the field, they tailor the package to you, provide pre and post cleanse tips and recipes, as well as checking in on you during and after the detox. Whether it’s a pre-holiday blitz or a body MOT, a few days of Radiance Cleanses’ organic, cold-press juices and nut milks gives your body the TLC it deserves. Don’t bother dusting your juicer down for a DIY cleanse, Radiance Cleanse makes, delivers and labels up your juices to provide you with a totally hassle free experience.

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