8 Life Cleanse tips for a Happier and Healthier you

To make sure this Summer is full of nothing but awesomeness and success, here’s are eight things you can do to cleanse your life and start living happier and healthier.


While we don’t have control over the world, you do have the power to change your inner world, and spending a few moments each morning to yourself makes all the difference in clearing your mind ready for the day. Start with 5 minutes, using an app like Headspace at first to guide you, and then build up to 20 or even 30 minutes if you can. The more time you invest, the bigger the mind-clearing benefits.

Journal Your Goals

OK, so it might have been a while since you kept a diary, but words hold power. As soon as you write something down, it sticks in your mind. So try keeping a daily journal and set out your intentions for the year, jot down your feelings and daily resolutions. Then every month, review your goals, emotions and achievements. It’s a great way of keeping yourself on track, but also learning about how you feel and identifying what works for you.

Switch off at night

It sounds so simple, we’re all guilty of those late night You Tube binges. But did you know that tech overstimulates the brain and stops you from sleeping better? So set a tech-curfew for yourself, pick up a book instead, and make getting your beauty sleep a bigger priority. You’ll soon see a difference the next morning in both your complexion and your energy levels.

Go Green

Plants have an impact. Fact. They clean the air, are healing and calming for the soul, and brighten the space around you. For those lacking in green fingers, cute cacti and succulents are a great low-maintenance choice. For air cleaning, pick up an aloe vera, fern or peace lily. You can even create your own terrarium and style up your desk space at work for instant design cred with your colleagues.

Take a social detox

We’re not saying letting go of your Pinterest or Insta addiction completely, but cutting down on the social media and enjoying a bit more time actually socialising with real people is always a good choice. Leave the phone in the bag when you’re having lunch, take a break from the gramming for a few days a week—you’ll get to live in the present moment a little bit more.

Discover somewhere new

While routines hold us together, it always pays to get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new. Get a bus to a new neighbourhood, eat something you’ve never tried before, go do that day trip you’ve been thinking about. Whether it’s a holiday or just exploring a different part of town, ditch the tried and tested and discover how refreshing it is to break away from your norm.

Remember a lost friend

Living in a city, it’s easy to get sucked into a daily 9-to-5 and lose touch with people. So make time to contact that favourite friend or relative that you really enjoyed hanging out with and schedule a get-together in your diaries. There’s nothing more rewarding than a nostalgic catch up over coffee or brunch to look back and laugh, and see how far you’ve both come in life.

Give yourself a break

Of course it’s important to eat clean, exercise, drink less alcohol and get more sleep, but you’ve also got to live. If you’re the kind of person who is hard on yourself when you have a brownie or miss a yoga class, then just give yourself a break. We’re all only human and under the pressure to be fit and successful you often forget to live. So every now and then, have that scoop of ice cream, treat yourself to that afternoon latte, take some time out to watch your favourite Netflix, and don’t beat yourself up about it, enjoy it. You deserve it.

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