Organic Cleanliness


Frequent flyers, this one belongs in your wash-bag.  A completely organic, 100ml (so flight friendly) bottle of hand sanitiser; Mrs White offers a chic way to fend off the snifflers and sneezers you’ll be squished into a metal tube with for however many hours. And the sleek black and white label only entices us further. A wholly unnecessary necessity for the ultimate in-flight wash bag.


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Ok so this may be a little bit of an indulgence, but we’re complete suckers when it comes to cool packaging and padding out our own wash bags. Oh, and there’s been more than one occasion we’ve returned from a trip and come down with that dreaded post-travel cold. Fine, so we have no proof these bouts of illness are down to our hands, but when you’ve got a product that smells good (English Lavender Oil? Yes please), looks good and kills germs, we were never going to say no. It just looks so pretty sitting there next to our make-up and perfume…

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