Ever braved the shops pre-holiday looking for the perfect sandals, but then having to settle for a less than ideal but extortionately priced pair? Wouldn’t holiday footwear dilemmas be infinitely lessened if you could design your own creations and then be able to proudly sport them to whatever beach event was a-calling? Shape, fit, style. Yes, imagine if these choices were all in your hands. Well fortunately for you, this has become a reality with I CAN MAKE SHOES (ICMS).

ICMS is an innovative shoe-making school based in Hackney Down Studios, and trust us, it sure does what it says on the tin. The school offers a variety of courses, material inclusive, varying in length of time, and also dependant on the type of shoe you want to make. By the end of the course, hey presto, ‘I can make shoes’ will be more than the school name; it will be a realistic utterance.

Prices start from £75 for a half-day programme. For those who are time-short, the company also provides online courses starting from £3.49. Indeed, ICMS have thought of everything to help get you that one step closer to your dream sandals. And don’t worry about the technicalities; the founder Amanda Luisa has ensured that the methods taught are specifically honed in order to remove the need for intimidating machinery and confusing specialist equipment.

And for those whose idea of baring their feet is a nightmare; it’s not just sandals: you’re thinking heels, pumps and booties galore; the school specialises in a variety of footwear courses. Think about it, not only are the shoes to your exact preference, but in this manner, they are also one-of-a-kind. This is for everyone from hobby enthusiasts to budding shoe-designers. Sign up now, we know we will!

Make your own.

By Maybelle Morgan