One Los Cabos. Five ways to see it.

Los Cabos | flyboarding | Beach Tomato

If escaping the daily grind is somewhere high on your to do list, then let us give you a reason to tick it off sooner rather than later. Sitting pretty on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos adopts a vibrant Mexican spirit with the laid-back Californian vibes we all aspire to. Sure, you can get your fix of long lazy days beneath golden sun; but for total escapism and a fresh perspective on the beautiful beaches, we recommend you try one of these 5 awe-inspiring activities.


If there’s one thing you want to do on holiday, it’s make every minute count. Hop (or haul) yourself out of bed for a sunrise surf at Santa Maria and you’ll pretty much have the ocean to yourself. It’s a magical way to see the beach come to life… and it’s the ultimate hang-over cure if you had a few too many cocktails the night before.


If you want to get a totally different view of this beautiful beachy paradise, we recommend a quick  para-sailing excursion. Watch the coast bustle below as you fly over San Lucas Bay and El Arco, a Los Cabos landmark, and snap some Insta-worthy pics as you go.


For the adrenalin-junkies in our midst, how about exploring the Los Cabos landscapes as you zip-line across them? Whizz over lush exotic greenery, through dramatic canyons and past ancient rock formations. It’s rare to find something that will lure us away from the beach, but this is one of our favourite ways for exploring inland.


Take off like a human plane and steer yourself as you travel several feet above the water, as you rocket your way across the azure waters of Los Cabos. It looks silly, but trust us on this one. It’s unlike anything else you will have done in your beach-based life – and you’ll have the warm Sea of Cortez to catch you at the end.


For those who want to get new views without making their heart race, few things beat horse-riding along stretches of sandy beach as the sun goes down. It’s a picture postcard activity for a reason… need we say more?