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Ruby Beach, Washington, USA

Pack your ear muffs and thermos flasks, this week’s Beach of the Week – the delightful Ruby Beach – is set in the remote North-Western tip of Washington State, America, near a little town called Forks.

A few years back Forks burst onto the global scene for being the backdrop for Stephanie Meyer’s wildly successful Twilight series. If you haven’t seen the movies (Breaking Dawn out this week) or read the books then before we proceed, please see our official synopsis:

Pale vampire boy falls in love with pale human girl but they can’t be together because he wants to eat her. Cue some minor domestic issues.

Right, glad that’s out of the way…

Ruby Beach is stunning. It’s not necessarily a luscious, Pina-Colada-providing, white-sand-glam kind of a beach, but nevertheless we’ve been bitten by its pure and natural surroundings. It gets 10/10 for isolation and has some utterly surreal sunsets. There’s a shallow, stretching shoreline that brings to mind memories of those long autumnal walks stuck in deep conversations with a sympathetic partner/dog (though obviously we’d prefer to be shoulder hugging a pale-faced, hormonally dysfunctional vampire).

Ruby Beach is moody, it’s misty and it’s dramatic. Gigantic rock stacks rise out of the water and a haunting Arctic wind whistles eerily over its mystical shores. Go there at sunset and you’ll understand why they call it Ruby Beach – but are you brave enough to stay after dark?

WHEN: Tan-topping at Ruby Beach is best during summer months below but for surreal sunsets and a dramatic beachscape head here year round

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For basking on the sand, Zimmerman’s Thistle halterneck swimsuit hits the spot. Pucker up with Benefit’s blood red SPF lip balm and turn on the tunes of Lana del Rey and Supermassive Black Hole.

What to pack | Ruby Beach

the bag: Alaia Perforated petal-design leather tote, £1,660

the swimwear: Zimmerman Thistle mesh-paneled halterneck swimsuit, £165

the products: Benefit Benetint lip balm SPF 15, £14 and Laura Mercier Bonus hydrating primer, £37

the playlist:
Lana del Rey, Video Games

Arctic Monkeys, My Propeller
Noel Gallagher, AKA…What a Life!
Supermassive Black Hole, Black Moon Lovers

the read: Stephanie Meyer, Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga), £8.39

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