Soon the cocktails, Champagne, mince pies, turkey, bread sauce and helpings of pudding will ensure that our cheekbones start to become somewhat of a dwindling urban myth. Now you see them, now you don’t – all thanks to our ever-growing addiction to Chocolate Yule Log. They’re still there but, until the effects of our New Year workout start to show on our physiques and faces, here are a few make-up tips to accentuate your cheekbones.

Make-up tips | cheekbones shading

An expertly shaded cheek can shed pounds and make you look instantly slimmer. Feel the ridge under your cheekbone? This is where shading should be applied. Starting from near the ear, to about halfway down your cheek, use a large tapered brush to create a shape like a long triangle, pointing towards your lips – we like MAC’s 168 brush,£26.

Try Mac’s sculpting powder Mac Taupe, available at MAC Pro Store, use sparingly and apply to hollow of cheekbone. Use a powder brush to blend. The most important thing here is to use sparingly and blend very well, you can always build up more layers if needed, but a cheekbone should appear natural not heavily drawn on. Skeletor is not a good look.

TIP: If you want to define your jaw line, use the same method as sculpting your cheekbone, applied sparingly directly under jawline from ear to chin on both sides, blend well.

Make-up tips | cheekbones bronzing

Sculpting the hollow of the cheek isn’t the only answer to creating definition, bronzing in the right places can create a feeling of warmth and contour your face and body. Go easy, though, you don’t want to look like a member of TOWIE.

We love Bare Minerals Warmth All-Over Face Colour, £19; use the Bare Minerals Tapered Blush Brush, £13.50, in circular motions and blend the face colour over cheekbones and gently into your temples. If you use what is remaining on the brush (which should be very minimal) gently blend over the nose from cheek to cheek, this will give the appearance of a sunkissed look.

TIP: Did you know a tan can make you look more slender and, expertly done, can sculpt your body? Try St Tropez HQ for your nearest salon +44 (0) 20 7845 6330. I always encourage a spray tan before a holiday, and use a sunscreen infused with MelanoBronze to safely build a natural looking tan.

Make-up tips | cheekbones highlighting

Dewy, highlighted sheer skin was seen all over the spring/summer 2014 runways, so feel free to start polishing up your pores in preparation for your summer holiday.

When highlighting, make sure you use sparingly and blend well. Use St Tropez Skin Illuminator, £12, on the highest part of your cheekbones, to create definition, and on your cupids bow to create fuller lips. Also nice if gently sweeped down bridge of nose with a foundation brush.

On the body, use your illuminator on the tops of your collarbone and sides of your décolletage to accentuate your natural glow. Blend a little down your shin down to foot, and mid-thigh to upper-thigh, to give the appearance of longer limbs.

Written by Celine Bopp